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Best-in-class, niche community-based mobile telephony packages. Quality, innovation and value - we put the customers needs at the core of everything we do.

Speak's exciting new services are due to launch in 2016. We hope you are as excited as we are!


Unique added-value benefits

Speak Mobile creates best-in-class niche community based mobile telephony packages. Unique added-value benefits such as mobile money transfer and call applications ensure Speak Mobile will become the preferred choice for consumers.


Niche community-based packages

We create community-based, carrier independent mobile telephony packages. Designed specifically to enhance the customer experience and allow members to connect globally, easily and cost-effectively.



Our growth plan is to position ourselves as one of the top 5 mobile application providers in the world, within 3 years. We're set to grow rapidly into Europe and then globally.


The customer first

We ensure our products give the customer exactly what they need for all their communication and lifestyle services. We're certain Speak products will become the choice of customers worldwide, through our unique and bespoke solutions.

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